Monday, 9 February 2009

Credit where credit's due

A big thank you to Stephen Heppell, the inspiration for starting this blog. I met Stephen at a headteachers' conference in North Lincolnshire. His morning keynote was so fascinating that it stopped me preparing my afternoon keynote, which is what I should have been doing!
This ageing hippy (as he described himself) lives on a boat on the Thames, and travels the world supporting learning through technology and innovation. During his presentation he used everything but powerpoint, including video files, blogs, websites, photos, webcam footage on his iPhone - anything in fact that he had stored on his Macbook! One of the many things he said that got me to thinking was how most teachers download lots and upload very little whereas our students are uploading to the web as much, if not more, that they are downloading.
And so I thought, well why not keep up with the young and start uploading ideas myself... hence this blog. Hope you enjoy it, and once again: thank you Stephen. JN

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